BU-AH167534 Used Outer Half Sheave

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Used Outer Half Sheave 

Stamped H173073

Cross Ref: AH167534, AXE14339


9450, 9550, 9550SH, 9560, 9560SH, 9650, 9660, 9560STS, 9660STS, 9760STS, 9860STS, 9570STS, 9670STS, 9770STS, 9870STS, (S660, S670, S670, S680, S690 All S/N 745100-), S760, S770, S780, S790

Condition: USED

Not all used parts are exactly alike. They sometimes very slightly in their condition and look. Pictures are shown to represent the part and do not necessarily show the part you will be receiving. This part may not be in stock at all times. We will contact you if we are unable to ship your part for any reason.